• María A. Donis

A month worth of masks? 😮

Did you know that it is recommended to use facial masks at least twice a week?This is to lock in moisture in your skin and get that fabulous glow without the highlighter!

Get this bundle with 8 different masks for hydrating your skin, only $12 with shipping included. Hurry while it lasts!

Masks in bundle:

BioAqua Hydrating mask with Hyaluronic Acid (one piece)for locking moisture into skin.

BioAqua Hydrating Mask with Collagen (one piece) for locking moisture and dimishing fine lines.

BioAqua Rose Petal Oil mask (one piece) for smoothness and radience.

BioAqua Wild Vegetables Whitening Mask (one piece) or whitening dark spots and nourishment.

BioAqua Egg Face mask (2 pieces) for skin firmness.

BioAqua Jelly Washoff Mask (2 pieces) for after exfoliation to hydrate skin.

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