• María A. Donis

Create your own Missha routine!

Creating the perfect skin care routine should not be complicated. Just follow 4 easy steps and you can exchange products in your routine as much as you want and discard those which are not working at all. Remember, it is not hoarding if it skin care!

Here at Bonito we offer quality Korean skin care products that are great additions to your skin care collection.

First cleanse your skin with a light foaming cleanser that will hydrate and improve skin elasticity with daily use.

Second, tone your skin with soft alcohol-free toners to remove extra dirt and oil left behind by your soap cleansers; they also add hydration to your skin.

Then follow with target treatments like acne, anti-aging or nourishing essences.

Continue to treat problem areas with light serums that can also improve the hydration levels of your skin by retaining even more moisture from your moisturizer.

You can improve the routine by adding a non-greasy moisturizer and a sunscreen for extra protection. Start shopping now by clicking this link -> www.bonitobeauty.com/

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