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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

You know that mom deserves the best, and with Mother's Day approaching (in two weekends) you should look no further for lovely gift inspirations. Here at Bonito we have selected some items we know mom would love to include in her skin care routine!

The Perfect Daily Face Cleanser:

A good cleanser is key for anyone looking to improve their skin! Missha Super Seed Green Tea Foaming Cleanser in gentle enough for most types and is perfect for the mom that is looking for a daily cleanser that will hydrate and improve skin elasticity with use. Get them for $5.50 each!

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Jojoba Oil Hair Mask for Moms with Treated Hair:

Most women love to take care of their hair, and for those we do we all want soft silky smooth hair. Missha Damage Break Hair Mask is a great gift for the moms that dye and treat their hair. You can also find these paired with selected Missha items so you can save more money! Find them for as little as $10!

Pamper her with Gold!:

Gold has always been a sign of luxury and mom deserves only the finest! For the moms that are looking to fight anti-aging (we all want to look young!) these masks are made with real nano-gold leaves and collagen, among other anti-aging ingredients, to make skin look young, new and revitalized. You can find these masks in different bundle options starting at $4.00!

Face Mask for different types of skin treatment:

Mom would totally would love to try these masks intended to treat problem areas of the face, like laugh lines or neck wrinkles. Plus, they are great for people on a budget that want to gift something cute and different this year. They start at $3 and also come in bundle options.

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