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How to pick the right facial cleanser?

A good skin care routine should start with a face cleanser to remove oil and dirt, as well to prepare your skin for treatments and moisturizers. Facial cleansers are different from soaps because they won't strip away the natural oils needed for skin hydration and elasticity. Knowing which cleanser is best for you is very tricky, specially with all the options available out there. Here is a quick look on what type of cleansers you should be looking for when it comes to a deep clean:

Most cleansers can be summed up into two categories, foaming and oil cleansers. They can be used together or separately, depending on your skin condition. Oil cleansers are recommended for those who are looking to prevent extremely dry skin. The setback, many oil cleansers may no be removing all makeup and actually leave extra oils behind that can cause blemishes. How to solve this? Look for oil cleansers that are not to rich in oils or non-greasy formulas like the one shown above, Face Shop's Natural rice Water Light Cleansing Oil.

As mentioned, you can combine oil and foaming cleansers for a deeper clean. Double cleanse and do it no less than twice a week; on the evenings is ideal to remove what residue you have accumulated during the day . You can skip double cleansing if you have oily skin, since it is normally recommended for very dry skin. If you want to add a foaming cleanser to your routine, look for cleansers that don't strip away too much of your natural oils. You can try a light foaming cleanser like The Face Shop Rice Water Cleanser that will also remove makeup.

There are two important factors when choosing facial cleansers: first it needs to be able to remove all residue, second, it should help you keep your skin moisturized. Moisture is key! Regular soaps just don't cut it in this area, they make your skin feel dry and firm instead of smooth and silky. Resorting to soap causes to skin produce even more oil to compensate for the lack of natural moisture.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you can benefit from light foaming cleansers like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is available at many drug stores and it is soft enough for all skin types. Your best bet is to look for a light foaming cleanser that can be used daily, and pair it with a light makeup remover if you tend to wear heavy makeup. I would also recommend to pair your cleanser with a light toner (alcohol-free) to remove extra dirt left behind by cleansers. Don't forget to moisturize and to #staybonito .

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