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Review: Missha Damage Break Hair Mask with Jojoba Oil for treated hair

Missha Damage Break Hair Mask is intended to protect and restore damaged hair.

I decided to try this item because I love trying out new hair and skin products as soon as the current ones are empty. Finding the best way to treat curly hair has become an obsession. So with a promise to prevent hair damage, I jumped right in and got it.

The mask uses natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil to help nouirish the hair. Softer ingredients like these are less likely to harm your hair, which this mask is supposed to do.

This product claims on its label: "Fine protein norushies damaded hair due to dyeing and perm. Moringa oil prevents hair damage and protects hair."

How amazing does that sound? Just perfect for my type of hair situation. Let me tell you we all love it! Anything that will start detangling my hair as soon as I apply it, is a winner for me!

After using my regular hair products to wash my hair, I wore the mask for 20 minutes and it left a nice fragrance and it instantaneously felt softer. My hair was easy to manage and to comb, and if you have curly hair you know what a hassel it is!

After rinsing and drying, my curls felt bouncy and not dry at all. The silky smooth texture lasted until I washed my hair again, and it did not leave my hair greasy at all!

I am fortunate to be able to feauture and sell this product as part of my product selection. I shared this item with my family of women who treat their hair and they also vouch for it!  

It is totally recommended  to get this product to add extra hydration with out a greasy sensation, specially when you can get 2 for $12 at our store! Keep it bouncy and #staybonito

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