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Neat Accessories to Upgrade your Routine

If you're like me, you love adding accessories to everything! I am going to show you the cutest accessories you can add to your skin care routine. Click on the images to ge the ones you love!

Jade facial rollers help make your skin feel tighter, more rejuvenated and shines with a natural glow. Use it with your face cream to massage problem areas, like puffy dark circles, to promote blood circulation and see significant changes. Natural jade rollers are soft to the skin and wont hurt while used as a massager. Use the smaller part for bags under the eyes and the larger part to lift the sin below your neck. Recommend to use only gentle pressure when using the roller, as both your skin and the roller ar fragile. You can use the jade facial roller in your car, in the bathroom, at the office... anywhere you want a nice relaxing face massage. Reduce puffiness and tension in your face with these fine face rollers!

If your like Korean skin care products, you should know about Etude House and their amazing products! Not only they sale skin cake but the also sale makeup and neat accessories like this Etude House My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush that exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells and dirt deep in your pores. Exfoliating is essential for skin care and it should be done twice a week to control oil and blemishes. It also is used for massaging your face like the jade roller. The silicon brush is gentle enough to clean pores with a fine, thick textured lather. Do gentle circle motions, and use with a light foaming cleanser to ensure minimal skin irritation.

Sometimes we need the oddest things to make out life a lot more easier. Using a lovely headband is ideal to remove hair from getting in the way of your skin care routine, but not every band will do! Etude House My Beauty Tool Headband will give you that extra boost of cuteness with practicality! Click on the image to start shopping!

Treating blackheads and spots has always been a messy job, now with the help of a little machine you can have clear skin in minutes! These little handy vacuum strips aways those pesky blackheads in a much safer way than those metal removers. This is a must for lazy skin care junkies like me! Clear skin in a press of a button.

This set of useful skin care tools is a perfect gift for the skin care addict. The kit includes all the essentials for home facials. The bowls and the measuring tools are used to mix up clay masks, and it brings the applicators. It is handy as well for tacking with you TSA approved homemade products like mists and masks. The sponge also works as an exfoliator, helping you get deep in the pores and remove that clogged dirt. The best thing, it is super affordable and made with long lasting material. Stay glowing and #staybonito.

Click on the images to start shopping!

  • WHILE COMPETITORS MAKE GLOVES THAT LEAK, ABSORB TOO MUCH LOTION AND HAVE POOR STITCHING THAT BREAK EASILY, Thermalabs Ultimitt is up to the task. It absorbs less lotion to avoid wastage, never leaks as it has an isolating layer on the inner side, and is stitched meticulously to be longer lasting. This set has it all and will help you achieve the perfect summer glow while preventing streaks and stained palms. We made our mitt to be the BEST glove applicator to live up to your tanning goals

  • HAVE EVERY TOOL YOU NEED TO APPLY A PERFECT TAN ON YOUR FACE AND BODY: Thermalabs’ set comes with not only a large body mitt, but TWO facial mitts, a printed guide in different languages, a ziplock bag, and a hanging suction-hook for the shower. The BONUS FINGER EXFOLIATOR device will help you prepare areas where you have skin inconsistencies. By exfoliating sensitive or troubled spots, such as under your eyes, 24 hours before tanning, you can ensure you'll get a healthy and even looking tan

  • DON'T WORRY ABOUT CLEANING – THROW THE GLOVES IN THE WASHER! TRAVEL WITH IT EASILY – ZIP LOCK BAG INCLUDED: Whether you're a frequent traveler, or you just want to keep the Ultimitt clean and dry, the waterproof zip lock carry bag is there for you. It can easily be washed and will serve you well for years to come. The mitts themselves are machine washable, so you won't need to spend time cleaning the mitt that keeps your hand clean

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