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Review: Tony Moly Tomatox

Did you know the tomato has a lot of skin care benefits? First of all is packed with water and nutrients, so you know it is great for hydrating and nourishing skin. Second, it's also rich in protein that helps cell repair and muscle building. You can also use tomatoes to treat open pores, to brighten skin, for anti-aging, as an anti-inflammatory. as a sunscreen and much more!

Without knowing all these amazing benefits tomatoes have, I was super interested in this mask just by its super cute packaging. I first tried this product as a sample a while back and I immediately fell in love with this mask. It promises to revitalize the skin using tomato extract, as well with other ingredients like lemon and centella extract. When it says it is magical, it is not kidding! I swear this makes your skin feel so good and refreshed, you will never want another mask again.

Being the skin care enthusiast I am, I quickly searched for this mask so I could sell it here in Puerto Rico. Once it finally it arrived I couldn't resist to use it that same night! After a quick shower, I opened the first mask available and started my routine. The mask is a nice creamy texture, with micro-beads of what I assume is more tomato power! I quickly spread some on my face and started massaging. Why massage? Well it helps the circulation of the blood and the absorption of the product. By massaging you lift more dirt off your pores and it penetrates even deeper into your skin. So I massage away for a minute or so, as requested by the instructions.

I left the mask resting on my face for a little more than 10 minutes. (Be sure to follow the instructions as closest possible to avoid skin irritations. Sensitive skin should test in a small area before applying to entire face.) I must mention that you can feel a slight tingling sensation at the beginning, but did not last that much after I massaged my face.

After washing off with lukewarm water, I could feel the soft and supple skin this product promised. The slight redness of my face was not visible, and I believe this is a result of tomato's natural inflammatory benefits. My skin felt firm to the touch but not tight, clean, and shiny but not oily. The next day, my skin still felt soft and I felt less oil during the day.

I totally recommend this masks for people who have other than sensitive skin. It gives you the results it promises and it did not irritate my skin at all. I would not use it more than once weekly, specially since I want to make it last! If your interested, you can get the mask in our boutique by clicking through THIS LINK!

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