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Bonito Guide to Oily Skin

Life is stressing enough to be having an oily complexion and battling with breakouts! Stop the cycle of oily skin with just a couple of steps. You will be amazed on how easy it is to have oil under control. However, always go see your dermatologist to accurately treat heavy acne breakouts.

Stop touching your face!

Stop picking, squeezing, and popping pimples! You are not doing yourself any favors; it will just hurt and look worse. Touching your face with dirty hands only brings more bacteria to your face, and picking at your pimples will only leave scars. Keep your hands clean with soap and water. Hint: if your acne tends to be on your cheek area it means your touching your face with dirty hands.

Choose the right cleanser!

Facial cleansers are different from soaps in the way the clean your face without stripping your face from you skin's natural oils. Light foaming cleansers are best for oily skin since they remove oily gently. Be sure to cleanse your face twice a day to remove all excess oil. Don't cleanse to much or you cause your skin to produce more pimples!

Clay masks are your friends!

They are your secret weapon for controlling shine and sebum. Clay mask penetrate deep within the pore for deep cleansing as well as nourishment. You can prevent acne as well as calm the redness of your face. Smear some on your face and lightly massage the face for a minute. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. Don't forget to moisturize!


Yes, moisturize! People with oily skin need to moisturize as well; your skin might be over producing oil to balance off its hydration levels. Skip on heavy moisturizers and look for light water-based products. These are products that list water as their first or second ingredient. Not only will these types of moisturizers will help you keep hydrated, but they are made with non-comedogenic ingredients that won't clog your pores.

Use the good stuff!

Those who suffer from acne-prone skin should be looking for products that will help them treat acne, reduce shine, control sebum and calm redness. Some ingredients to look for include: tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, glycolic acid or lactic acid, retinoid or witch hazel.

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