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Missha Giveaway Product Description

The special giveaway announced on Instagram (Tuesday 22, 2018) includes a box of selected Missha products. These products are designed to treat problematic areas of your face like smile lines and wrinkles on your neckline. Combine the products or used them throughout the month for anti-aging benefits. All items should be used after cleansing and toning face for best results.

List of Items:

- Missha Speedy Solution Lifting Patch: reduce the size of your neckline and help firm up skin.

- Missha Speedy Solution Neck Wrinkle Patch: Hydrate and smooth the appearance of your neckline.

- Missha Speedy Solution Blemish Clear PAtch: Reduce the time of recovery of a blemish.

-Missha Speedy Solution Trouble Patch: Heal blemishes with the power of green tea extract,

-Missha Speedy Solution Smile Zone Patch : Treat fine lines around your mouth.


- Missha Super Aqua Moisturizing Cream

- Missha Super Aqua Foaming Clenaser

-Missha Time REvolution Toner and night serum

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