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Treating Dark Circles

How many of us wake up looking like panda bears? I do, and sometimes there is not enough makeup in the world to hide the fact that the skin under my eyes has had it rough. The combination of lack of sleep, plus other additional factors we are going to get to explore, can contribute for the under eye area to look inflamed and swollen.

The first factor to create dark circles are genetics. Many of us inherit thin skin under our eyes that make it naturally easy to develop dark circles when we do not get enough sleep or hydration. I personally did not know that if you double up on pillow while sleeping it helps the blood circulation of your face by not letting blood build up under your eyes.

If you wake up with swollen eyes, or heavy dark circles, a good trick is to apply cold compresses in the morning for five minutes to constrict blood vessels. There are also different type of creams that allow for capillary walls to strengthen or help with their anti-inflammatory properties; such as arnica based creams, green tea or grape seed oil.

Other responsible elements for dark circles are seasonal allergies and ageing. Both tend to weaken the skin under the eyes and give the appearance of dark circles. For allergies, histamines inflame blood vessels and allow for swelling to happen. You can quickly resolve this with medication to stop the symptom for getting worse.

As we age, our skin loses hydration and collagen which leaves the skin weak and frail. The trick is to treat those problematic areas with creams that allow for cell regeneration, such as collagen. Retinol is a great option for mature skin as well as vitamin C as they allow for collagen to be produced in your skin.

Here at Bonito we offer collagen and gold masks that allows you to treat many of dark circles symptoms. We also carry creams that soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines on your delicate skin. Comment down below for questions or more tricks to be shared with our readers.

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