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Your diet is making you age!

The way we eat not only affects our body, but also our skin! Having bad nutritional habits can make your skin look dull and older and not provide the necessary supplements for a healthier look. If you want a brighter complexion, read more about the next dietary don'ts:

  1. Eating with high amounts of sugars and fatty acids

  • Even though studies have not proved that acne can be caused by food high in carbohydrates, it is shown that cutting down on such food can show a reduction on breakouts on your skin. Not only cutting back sugars can help reduce the accumulation of spots on your forehead, it also will improve other areas of your body.

  1. Eating too many dairy products

  • A correlation has been shown between the milk from pregnant cows and the appearance of rashes and breakouts, and this is thought to be produced by the cow’s hormones. Cutting down on dairy or even trading milk for soy or almond milk, can show improvement on skin hypersensitivity.

  1. Those dieting trends

  • We all want to look our best, but those diet trends are not helping your skin. If you constantly lose and gain weight from these yo-yo diets, you risk losing the elasticity of your skin. Too much stretching can affect the collagen barriers of your skin making it look thin and old, and without the proper nutrition it would be hard to regain the right amount of suppleness.

  1. Skipping on the veggies

  • A proper diet for your skin is one rich in fruits and veggies. Add color to your lifestyle by including as much of vegetables in your daily serving. Also include fatty acids like avocados and walnuts to help with the skin barriers that help keep your skin looking young.

Remember, of it is good for your body it is good for your skin. So eat up and stay healthy!

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