• María A. Donis

Self-care Saturdays

It's  the weekend  and is time for some needed relaxation  and quality  time for yourself.  One of my favorite ways to pamper myself  is to do facials. With so many options on the market,  from DIY or onetime use,  there are many ways to bring that glow back into our lifes. 

Gel facial masks like the ones available at our store, offer a cooling sensation as well provide nurishment  and hydration  to your skin.  I personally  pop them into the fridge  for 5 minutes  to get a more refreshing  feeling. The best time to use it is on those evening routines  to get the most absorption from the skin. 

I also treat myself to great smelling products like our organinc shampoo  bars, also available  at our store, to get small moments  of aromatherapy in my daily routines  to help me enjoy more of my time alone. 

I would love to hear more from you,  so go over our social media pages to comment your favorite  ways  to pamper yourself.

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