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Our First Anniversary!

Hello everyone, I am excited to share with you the news that we are approaching our first anniversary on February 3rd this year! Since we have been open for business, we've been welcomed by our clients and followers, and we want to reciprocate the love with a little blog about who we are and how we got started.

Firstly let me properly introduce myself, my name is Maria Donis, I am 31 years old, and I am from Aguadilla Puerto Rico. I live with my two cats, Pancho and Sandy, and my little fish tank. I also have a dog named Lola that lives with my mom at the moment. I have worked the past 12 years in a homeless shelter, helping to house and lower the population of homelessness in Puerto Rico with Casa del Peregrino, Inc. a non-profit my mother founded back in 1998. I am proud to say I have helped many families and individuals to reestablish themselves into the persons they want to be along with a great team in our small shelter.

I also taught French as a second language in my old high school for a year, since my BA is in French Literature and Language. I stopped teaching to pursue my MA in International Relations at Madrid and came back to work at my current job. There was a point where I was juggling teaching and my full-time job at the shelter, while I also took private lessons. That has nothing to do with what I am currently trying to pursue, my first business, Bonito.

I started Bonito on a whim. I was battling with depression because I felt I was not fulfilling my dream of having my project, whatever that may have been. I knew that I have the potential of creating something on my own and build something with it. During this time I also was binge watching Korean Dramas on Netflix; mix those two and you have my new obsession, trying to build an online business selling Korean skincare.

 I always had an interest in skin care since it was taught to me by my mother and grandmother. They always encouraged me to try my best and be proud of my looks by enhancing it with the proper products. I was lucky to be introduced to the world of skin care early, and my love of Korean culture just expanded that knowledge to new brands and techniques.

 I enjoy the Korean beauty skin care because it helps me take a moment for myself and really step back and do things properly. I say this because my experience is that most people see skin care as just washing their face and putting creams. I like how the order of the routine helps maximize your skin absorption of excellent ingredients for a better result in your appearance. I also want to encourage people to try this method of skin care so they too can achieve a perfect glass complexion with just a few little steps.

Throughout this process, I have learned that I enjoy learning about the different ingredients and benefits in skin care, as well as to teach them to my client. I never get tired of seeing their faces of being enlighten by just a few simple tips. I also like showing people what they can achieve with the right product and feeling Bonito is part of those results.

Now that I have come this far I only plan to go even further with this boutique. I want to introduce more products that you can rely on and trust. I also plan to do more live events to get even more chances to see more of you up close and chat about we know about beauty products.

As part of my new year plan, I am transitioning into a more holistically approach to beauty. I believe this is necessary to achieve optimal results in your skin. Having a good set of products will only enhance what proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle already produce. I want to include other aspects in my blog, and social posts that will strengthen your routine with exclusive tips and tricks, as well as include more product reviews to give you more knowledge about the products we offer — all of this is to provide you with the best service possible in our little boutique.

If you noticed, we changed our logo not too long ago to fit our new style. We chose to be represented with a quartz in our logo since it is such a great crystal. They come in virtually in every color, and there are one of the most abundant minerals of the Earth. They are considered to be old and wise living beings that can manifest intentions about wealth, prosperity and abundance. The rose quartz has long is viewed as the stone of beauty and love, something that Bonito strives to transmit to their clients for being such exceptional beings.

With a new perspective and new goals, we are ready to receive 2019 and its new adventures. I appreciate if you continue this journey with me as I know we can learn from each other. As a special treat, I will be having a sale on until Feb. 5, when the facial masks will be at 1 dollar each. Don't let this special event pass and mark it in your calendars today!

Once again, thank you for being so lovely and for choosing Bonito. 

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