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5 Tips for Loving Yourself

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Sometimes taking care of yourself seems the last thing on our minds. However, taking to time to recuperate is essential but it should not be hard. Here I share quick tips to keep positive and find things to love yourself.

  1. Accept past decision: We can tire ourselves out and not let go of past actions that carry weight in our present days. This added stress will only hold you back from allowing you to experience new things. Let go of past mistakes and look for the future ahead.

  2. Celebrate your successes: As learning to let got, it is also important to celebrate small success like finishing a project or getting started on a new hobby. Big or small, a win is a win. Look back at all that you achieved and congratulate yourself.

  3. Try something new: Loving yourself can also mean allowing yourself to discover new passions and new objectives in life. Surprise yourself by trying new activities that can yield a positive outcome like long walks in the park or a night of skin care.

  4. Take care of your self: We all know we should eat healthy and exercise for a longer life span. However, reaching out to others in the time of need or taking time to read a book is just as important in a healthy lifestyle. Remember if you don't take time for yourself, you won't have the time or energy to dedicate it to others.

  5. Schedule time for yourself: Even if it is a 10 minute face sheet mask, take time to pamper yourself and go through all the other steps above. You will see that in time your perspective will be more accepting of yourself and you can identify better your stressors. Taking a moment to love yourself gives time to love others.

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