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8 Types of Face Masks for All Skin Types

Everyone is out in the search for a face masks or facial treatments that will work on their specific skin type. While a skin with a lot of oil residue benefits from clay masks, a sensitive skin can rely on sheet mask for a gentle treatment. Get a complete guide of face masks and their benefits in this special blog post.

Face masks are a favorite of mine, and I always include them in my skin routine. Not only they are great for pampering, but also a great source of hydration for dry skin. They are mostly used for removing impurities and oil from the skin but they can also exfoliate, soothe and tone skin.

They are different types of masks out there that treat different problem areas of the skin:

  • Cream Masks

Made with emollient properties that soften skin, these types of masks are ideal for skin types that range from normal to dry skin that are looking for skin rejuvenation through moisturizers or products rich in oils to replenish deep skin cells.

  • Natural Masks

Natural masks are based from fruit, plants and herbal extracts. These type of masks you can make at home with simple ingredients like cucumber, papaya and oatmeal. Normal to dry skin benefit from these masks for their rejuvenating properties.

  • Clay Masks

Made with natural clay, these type of masks are used for deep cleansing and lifting impurities from the skin, while it dries and tightens the skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin that want to unclog pores and free impurities off the skin without stripping too much natural oils. They are also very good for treating breakouts and redness of the skin.

  • Warm-oil Masks

These type of masks are great for dry and mature skin that are looking for re-hydration and rejuvenation. Warm-oil masks soften skin and increase circulation. They are made of almond oil, olive oil or vitamin oils.

  • Peel-off Masks

They come in gel, plastic or paraffin wax sub-types and they are not as absorbent as the clay masks. They are the type of masks you apply wet, and as it dry you can peel off dead skin cells. Good for mature skin since they tighten skin and stimulate blood circulation.

  • Thermal Masks

They are usually placed on the face and gradually heat up the skin to warm up skin tissue. This encourages the surface skin tissues to breathe and to open up the pores.

  • Cloth/Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the latest rave in skin care because they can be used in any skin type, depending on the formula of the mask. These masks are particularly excellent for resistant skin types when paired with serums like hyaluronic acid serums. Apply the serum before applying the masks to push the treatment deep within the pore.

  • Gel Masks

Best suited for sensitive to dry skin, these masks provide relief with their cooling and soothing effects. They re-hydrate the skin and provide extra sources of collagen, antioxidants and other types of ingredients fit for skin recovery.

How to use face masks:

  1. Always read and follow product label instructions.

  2. Apply masks evenly with clean fingers or mask brush.

  3. Time the masks accordingly to the instructions.

  4. Remove masks as indicated.

  5. Sensitive skin should try the product in a small area before applying the product.

  6. Repeat the use of face masks once or twice a week, or as directed by your dermatologist.

  7. Always consult first with your dermatologist, especially if any changes occur.

Types of masks for each skin type:

  • Dry Skin: natural masks, cream masks, gel masks

  • Oily Skin: peel-off masks, clay masks, exfoliating masks

  • Acne Prone Skin: clay masks

  • Ageing Skin: warm-oil, overnight cream masks, thermal and peel-off masks

  • Normal Skin: natural masks and cream masks

  • Sensitive Skin: sheet masks, soothing or calming gel masks.

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