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Guide to Staying Focused in Uncertain Times

All of us have gone through uncertain times and felt anxious about how to deal with the current events. Here at Bonito will like to offer you some guidance on how to remain calm, prepared and above all, focused with simple strategies you can apply to your day to day life. These strategies have helped me personally deal with difficult moments, and I am certain it will help you.

I am naturally from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and it is the place I call home and have established my business. I love my small surfer town with a lot of character and friendly people. Living on an island has proven to be challenging especially during hurricane seasons. As a Puerto Rican that lived through hurricane Maria, being months without any utilities and uncommunicated for weeks, I have managed to gather some useful tips when dealing in a moment of crisis.

The information I bring you today is all from personal experience and I chose the most important strategies I believe it will help you feel organized and in control during any type of events. In this constantly changing world that we live on, it is best to always be prepared. Keep reading for my top five tips to stay prepared and focused this year:

1. Make a Plan: Structure is key!

When facing a difficult time in your life it is always a good idea to sit down and write down a plan that can help you guide you through the problem. List all of your resources and immediate contacts in case of an emergency and this will allow you to have a clearer picture of how to prepare for the worst. Give yourself a schedule or make a list of short-term tasks with a longterm goal; this will help you to prioritize important dates and responsibilities, all guided towards the same end. A useful tip for making your plan is to start off with 15 days, then the next 30, 60 and 90 days. Limit to 2-3 priorities per year or they are not really priorities.

In times of emergency, this plan should always have an exit or backup plan that will give you clarity on what to do when things go unexpected. Keep informed at all times, and with that information, maintain an up to date calendar to never lose track of important details.

2. Balance your Accounts: Be financially aware!

Nothing is more important than keeping track of your finances. Did you know most households are an emergency away to become greatly indebted? Allowing for an hour each week to track your expenses and keeping your accounts balanced will help you keep calm in times of crisis. It is never too late to start an emergency fund that will give you peace during times when unexpected costs arrive. Being prepared is costly so stretch out your expenses in order to be able to save and stock up necessary items. Believe me when I say that you do not want to face a hardship knowing you don't have the financial means to endure the situation.

3. Keep Yourself Active with Daytime Activities: Allow space for creativity!

Finding ways to keep busy will allow your mind to relax and not be constantly stressed over what is happening. It is always a bit of good advice to find hobbies that allow you to release your creative influences since it helps boost morale. Personally I have learned that constantly thinking about your problems only aggravates the situation and it burns you out. Daytime activities work by helping us reorganizing our thoughts and keep a clearer mindset. Meditation and exercises help a lot to keep you motivated and calm.

You can also make time to master old hobbies or learn new ones that can help you, like gardening and cooking. I have recently started to grow herbs and small vegetables in order to create a food garden. Not only you are learning useful information that can be helpful in times of emergency, but it keeps you entertained.

4. Declutter: Make room in your life.

Maintaining an organized home, workspace, or living quarters is essential to help the mind stay in peace. A cluttered room is only a visual representation of the thoughts in your head. A proper clean space permits you to keep healthy and maintain proper hygiene habits. Removing all unused items from forgotten spaces will give you room for your new focused and structured lifestyle. It is normal to slip and be sloppy at times, but never let the mess get out of control because chances are, so will your mindset.

5. Plan Ahead: Make way for the future!

If you have already done the previous strategies, then its time to look ahead. It is responsible for you to think about what the worst-case scenario will be and adjust your plan to prepare in advance. As mentioned before, being prepared can be costly and finding ways to ensure your security may take time. I always keep an emergency kit with medical supplies, water, a battery backup and some other essentials like a flashlight. I only learned to have a full stuck of emergency supplies after dealing with 8 months of no utilities. during this time I learned the importance of thinking ahead and sticking with the plan and structure you had set yourself earlier. At the end of the day, you will have a sense of control and security knowing that you've done all that is necessary.

More tips:

Having access to accurate information is key to surviving any hardships. Read and study all the variables that can affect you and ways to manage them safely. Don't rely upon word of mouth and do your own research.

Knowledge is power so don't forget to use it!

If you find yourself looking for more entertainment to keep yourself occupied during times of stress, you can check out more of Bonito's useful tips in our blog.

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