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Snapsot: Evenig Routine & Skin Care for the Office Life

Balancing life and work can be exhaustin! This exhaustion is visable in our faces. However we can remedy that with including treatments that allow to reduce the sings of stress. Here is one of my simple routines using Bonito Beauty Products' best sellers.

First I prepared my face by washing it with a fscial cleanser, I used Missha Super Seed Green Tea cleanser because it is gentle to the skin and the green tean helps treat breakouts. Then I used a Tony Moly Tomatox facial mask to resotre my hyrdration and glow. Why you wash your face if you are wearing a face mask in any way? Good question. We want to get rid of all the oil and dirt from the day and have a clean slate for the treatments to work. I also chose the Tomatox mask because it leaves a healthy glow without a greasy feeling. Based on tomatoes, it will help as antioxidants for your skin helping retain that youthful look.

After leaving the mask for 20 minuttes, I rinsed it off with lukewarm water using a towel to help me remove excess product from tough areas. Inmedietly you can feel your skin softer and bouncier, just the result you are looking for!

I finished my treatment using Missha Super Aqua Waterfull Serum with Hyaluronic Acid to keep the moister well deep into my skin layers (that's the hyaluronic acid working!). I used a jade roller to massage in the serum as well as to relieve some tension from the face. The massage roller also helps with the blood circulation of your face, which maximizes the elasticity of the skin.

Finally, I worked on my acne breakouts using Rude's Zapp'em Dead spot treatment. This type of treatment works by attacking the acne's bacteria and drying it out for a quicker healing process. It is a water-based gel which is great to allow your skin to breathe. If you noticed I put the serum before the treatment to ensure it is absorbed by the skin and not diluted by the serum.

If you like this routine, please feel free to share it with your friends and tell me what you think. Below are some helpful tips for dealing with your skin if you work in an office space. as always, stay cute #staybonito!

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