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Trends to look out for in 2020

If you follow our Pinterest account, you will see that we are also very much fashion lovers. In our board Beauty and More! you will see our sellection of fashion trends to be aware of in the incoming seasons. This Spring we decided to make a blog focusing on our favorite fashion trends.

This year you will see a lot more heavy hair accessories like the ones shown below, were making a statement is key. This type of exagerated glamourous look is based on ther artistic style known as Barroco. If you look at cathedrals and buildings from this time, you will see that they are heavily decorated with golden furnitures. As you can see heavy and dramatic is what you want for this Spring. You can also see the drama in the choice of color for makeup, but ironically, these tend to be leaning towards the minimal side. A great balance if you ask me! Go to our Pinterest page to find more awesome ideas.

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