Esfolio Hand 7 Nail Vital Mask

Esfolio Hand 7 Nail Vital Mask

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Hand & Nail Vital Mask is highly moisturizing hand mask that makes up dry hand soft and smooth by moist moisturizing effect.

Even though, It is dual care special mask that makes lively by adding nutrition and glittery to nail and cuticle.


How to use

1. After cleaning your hands warm water, remove the water.

2. After unpack the product, Separate the hand-mask along the perforations. And then, After put your hands in moistened non-woven fabric, wear the hand mask.

3. wearing the hand mask, to absorb the contents, if you doing massage, it is more better.

4. Relax with sheet for 15~20 min and take it off. Finally, let the residual essence absorb by patting down the your hands.

  • Last Updated 12/22/2019

    Date of last inventory update.

  • Expiration Date 2021.07.08

    Date of product experation as on package.

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