5 Things To Look For In Skin Care Products


Maintaining a healthy skin is all about knowing what to look for in your skin care products. Treating the problem of your skin can be a burden if you do not know which product is best for your skin type or problem. I have compiled these five key strategies to choosing the best skin care. 

1. Determine your skin type:


You will need to figure out which skin type you have in order to treat better your skin care needs. Not everyone suffers from the same problems, therefor they will not use the same products. There are four basic types of skin: normal, dry, oily, and combination. Your skin is determined by how much oil or moisture you retain in your skin, how large are your pores, and how your skin reacts to outside irritants.


Here is a brief description of each kind so you can start determining your skin type:

- Normal Skin: you have a few imperfections, no significant sensitivities, and you have very small pores that are barely visible.

- Oily Skin: generally suffers from large pores that leads to shiny or dull skin. Prone to blackheads and blemishes from clogged pores.

- Dry Skin: you have dry skin if you suffer from rough, scaly or dull skin. You may also suffer from itchy patches and practically invisible pores.

- Combination Skin: you have areas that are oily, normal and/or dry. The size of the pore may also vary in areas, for example the forehead and nose.


Note : If your skin sometimes itches, stings, burns or breaks out in rash when you try new products, you may suffer from sensitive skin. If you do, it is important to try out products in small areas before applying completely, as well as to look for products that are hypoallergenic or made for sensitive skin. Ask your dermatologist for medicated skin care to solve those extra hard skin problems.