Total Eclipse of the Heart



Just in time for this Spring Equinox, a total lunar eclipse will happen this January 20 - 21. This will be visible to most people in the USA on Monday morning.


 A total lunar eclipse is when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and covers the moon with its shadow giving it a red appearance. Some people may refer to this phenomena as the Blood Moon.

Blood Moons symbolize a time of rupture and new beginnings. They typically are more intense in energy than the average full moon, causing stronger tides at sea, as well a surge of emotions. 



This new moon will bring new uncertainties but also new opportunities. Unexpected events and news will most likely increase your anxiety towards the future. Your daily life will also seem more hectic than usual. Patience and an open mind will help you take advantage of these new evolving conditions.

Do you think this new moon will bring new changes to you? Write your comments below. 

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